Coaches and Consultants...
You feel overwhelmed, unfocused and unsure when it comes to building an audience of people who could benefit from your expertise...

You've tried all the business building strategies from the "gurus" and they just aren't working...

You're passionate about connecting with your audience, but feel stuck on how to get started or what direction to go in...

You know you'll be successful selling your services online if only you had a step-by-step plan...

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, keep reading because this may be the most important website you will visit this year.
Build And Monetize Masters is NOT another course or membership site. 
This is a customized, hands on, step-by-step, daily support solution to growing your coaching or consulting business.
1) More customers (and sales)!

2) Personalized daily support and coaching through Direct Connect System.

3) A strong personalized brand that will have prospects clamoring to buy your services.

4) A customized crystal clear plan for growing and monetizing your business.

5) No more questions about your packages, products, pricing or strategies for selling.

6) Motivation to continue growing your business through our expert accountability coaches.

7) Inspiration through access to a community of coaches and consultants striving towards the same goals as you.

8) No more technical headaches (my team has expertise in all of the email, website and automation tools). 

9) A full support team that knows (and cares) about the ins and outs of your business and your unique goals.

10) Peace of mind knowing that all paid advertising is set up correctly to nullify any wasted ad spend.

11) No more questions on if marketing pages, headlines and program names are optimized for sales and conversions.

12) Insights to the best strategies that will take your business to the next level.


I joined Lindsey's Masters Program. Within 8 weeks I had doubled my monthly income. 

If you sell a service you will never regret learning how to promote yourself and your company in a way that will generate more traffic to your website and more paying clients. Can't say enough good things about Lindsey!
5 OUT OF 5 - Karin Atkinson Carr, YouTube for Agents
  • 30 Minute Kick-Off Consulting Call With Lindsey (Value: $200.00)
  • ​WEEKLY Strategic Coaching With Lindsey (Value: $1500.00)
  • ​MONTHLY Coaching with Your Own Accountability Coach From Our Expert Team 
    (Value: $1800.00)
  • ​UNLIMITED Question/Feedback Submission & REAL TIME VIDEO Feedback From Lindsey and Our Team Through The Direct Connect System
  • ​The Build And Monetize Masters Private Online Community (Value: $497.00)
  • Access to Lindsey Not Available Anywhere Else (Value: $2500.00)
  • ​Cutting Edge "WHAT'S WORKING NOW" LIVE Trainings (Value: $497.00)
  • UNLIMITED "Look Over Your Shoulder" Ad Audit and Direction
  • ​Access to Our Entire Paid Course Vault (Value: $1500.00)
  • 24/7 Access to the Membership Site with trainings, templates, worksheets and swipe files on everything from social selling to Facebook marketing  (Value: $1950.00)
**A one-month option is available for $1500.00.  However, this is handled on a case-by-case basis.  
Please email for more information about this option.
Weekly Coaching Calls
Twice a week "open office hours." Hop on a call with me and ask any me questions, get direction on growing your business, mindset help and much more.
Your Own Accountability Coach
You'll get your own personal accountability coach from my expert team. They'll meet with you once a month to keep you on track and hold you accountable on the path to achieving your goals. 
Direct Connect System
We have a system dedicated to Masters members where you can submit any questions, help or items for review and we'll send REAL TIME video feedback within 24-48 business hours (usually much less).
Build And Monetize Masters Blueprint
We designed a blueprint specifically for Masters members to walk you through EVERY. SINGLE. STEP of building and monetizing your business. The blueprint includes links to trainings, a list of homework and benchmarking metrics.
Exclusive Access To Lindsey
I know, I know, I'm a big deal (just kidding) but if you join Masters you will get access to me not available ANYWHERE else. I'm here to support you and help you accomplish your goals.
Weekly LIVE Trainings
Every Friday I hold a new LIVE training where I cover the latest, cutting-edge "WHAT'S WORKING NOW" (I also take requests from members on what THEY want to learn.)
Private Online Community
Access to an exclusive Facebook group for Masters members ONLY. Join other like-minded coaches, consultants and service business owners with similar business building goals.
UNLIMITED Facebook/IG Ad Audits
We'll look over your shoulder to audit your Facebook ads, giving direction on your setup, campaign objective, audiences and ad creative.
Membership Site
Online membership site with trainings, templates, worksheets and swipe files on everything from social selling to Facebook marketing. New trainings added every week!
Your initial investment is $2850. 

If you hired a one-on-one business coach, it would EASILY cost over $15,000. 

No, I'm not kidding. 

I developed this program as the perfect combination of doing it yourself and having it done for you.

We'll tell you EXACTLY what to do (and how) and we'll build and monetize your business together.
Then let's take a walk through the Traffic & Leads Masters Program.
Module 1
Defining Your Offer & Audience
Woohoo! You signed up for Traffic & Leads Masters. Let's GET STARTED on your path to building your brand and monetizing your services! Step one? Define the perfect client you're selling your services to, and figure out EXACTLY what price, position and package aligns best with that perfect client. We'll walk through the basics to get you on your way. 
  • Find Your Perfect Client
  • ​Price, Position & Package Your First Offer
  • ​Make Your Swipe File
  • ​Learn The Art Of Naming Your Programs & Challenges
Module 2
Your Digital Marketing Foundation
Now it's time to build the foundation of your digital marketing so you can do just what you came here to do: grow your business! I'll walk you through setting up the following: 
  • ​Basic Cornerstone Website Complete
  • ​Secure Certificate Installed 
  • ​Landing Page Software Selected
  • ​Email Software Selected & Setup
  • ​Facebook Business Manager Setup
  • ​Facebook Pixel Installed
Module 3
Social Media Foundations
Now that your digital marketing foundation is in place, social media is next! (This is the fun part) I'll help you determine how to position yourself, you'll setup your niched Facebook group targeted for your perfect client and learn how to easily come up with your social media content plan. 
  • Social Media Handles Creation - Facebook & IG Minimum
  • ​Facebook Group Creation
  • ​Content Calendar Template
  • ​Step-By-Step Weekly Content Plan
Module 4
Build Your Group,
Email & Chatbot List
Let's start building your audience of ideal clients! You will create your first landing page and irresistible offer, which will lead people into your group where you can nurture them. I'll walk you through all the components you need in place to build that perfect audience.
  • ​Your First Landing Page
  • ​Your First Irresistible Offer (magnet to get people into your group)
  • ​Your First Purposeful Thank You Page 
Module 5
Emailing Your Audience
While your Facebook group is the main place to nurture your ideal audience, emailing your list is still VERY important. You'll put together your first email sequence, which will start warming up your audience and ensure as many people as possible actually join your Facebook group. I'll also walk you through what you should include in a weekly email to keep that list engaged and get the most results for those hard earned email addresses. 
  • Your First Email Sequence
  • ​What To Write In a Weekly Email
Module 6
Driving Traffic
Let's start driving the RIGHT traffic to your funnel! You'll learn my best, tried and true strategies for driving both non-paid and paid traffic. Hop on an open office hours with me and I'll help put together a tailored plan for YOU based on your budget, available time investment, experience and perfect audience. I'll help you determine where to find your ideal client, and how to reach with them with the least amount of time and ad spend possible.
  • ​Learn to execute non-paid traffic strategies
  • ​Learn to execute paid traffic strategies
Module 7
Nurturing Your Group
Now that you have a group filled with qualified leads, you have to keep them nurtured and engaged! You'll create a group content plan, learn how to "Beat The Bushes" (one of my best methods for nurturing warm leads) and you'll setup ManyChat to communicate with your group, which is KEY.
  • Create a Group Content Plan
  • ​Beat The Bushes With Your Group
  • ​ManyChat to Communicate with Your Group
Module 8
 Launch Your Services
It's go time! You've put in all the work, now it's time to launch. I will be there every step of the way! Get on an open office hours call with me and we'll come up with the ultimate plan to launch your signature service. I also have tons of trainings and homework to help you make it a success. Get excited!
  • Determine Which Launch Method Will Net The Best Results
  • ​Launch Your Signature Service!
Module 9
Search Engine Optimization Basics
Now it's time to fully optimize your website so you can increase your organic traffic! SEO is a long-term game, but one that's definitely necessary. You'll complete the following:
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • ​Google Search Console Setup
  • ​Website Speed Tested
  • ​Mobile Friendly Optimization
Module 10
Brand Building Asset
In Module 10, we'll continue building your brand so you can monetize it. I'll walk you through selecting a brand building asset and then making it happen! This can include writing and launching a book, launching an Alexa Flash Briefing, starting your own podcast, or being interviewed on podcasts. You'll complete the following: 
  • ​Select A Brand Building Asset
  • ​Execute And Watch Your Brand Continue to Grow! 


You and your team were the missing piece to bringing it all together... following your Facebook training alone was the first time I really saw MASSIVE success in my conversions. This is without a doubt one of the best investments I've made in my business.
5 OUT OF 5 - Stacy Raske, The Empowered Overthinker
I'm Lindsey Anderson, business building strategist for coaches and consultants who are ready to build their brand and monetize their services. I am a best selling author, podcaster, speaker and digital marketing expert.

If you’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, author, expert, speaker or blogger who needs clarity with business building techniques that actually works... I can help.

During my 10+ years as the CEO of, I have helped hundreds of clients build their businesses and learned what it takes to make them successful. 

I have honed a proven system that my company executes on a daily basis for many clients.
How will Build And Monetize Masters help grow my business?
If you complete and execute every proven step in the Build And Monetize Masters Blueprint, you WILL build your brand and monetize your services. I've used these steps to help hundreds of clients build their businesses. Plus, my team and I are here for you! You'll have exclusive access to me AND your own accountability coach from my expert team.
Will I make back my investment in the program?
Yes! If you commit to the process and take advantage of my help and guidance you will absolutely make back your investment and much MORE.
Is Build And Monetize Masters a good fit for my situation?
If you are a coach or consultant then yes! We have helped people with businesses in all kinds of industries build their brands and monetize their services. Still not sure if it's a good fit for you? Just drop me an email!
I'm just starting my business. Am I ready for Build And Monetize Masters?
Yes! Build And Monetize Masters is for any coach, consultant or service business no matter what stage of business you're in. If you are ready to make the commitment to building your business then you're ready for Build And Monetize Masters. We'll help you build your business from the ground up to set you up for success.
What if I want to work 1:1 with you and your team?
We offer many "Done-For-You" packages, just shoot us an email and we can schedule a time to chat about your needs!


Lindsey and her team saved my sanity with Facebook Ads. I was hesitant to do them for myself but she made it so easy (and profitable.)

I love the Masters Program... being part of the group and being able to bounce ideas off of the experts in the group like you and your team as well as getting general feedback from others is beyond valuable.
5 OUT OF 5 - Meg Kerns, MOKup Media
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